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Tell me, I forget;
Show me, I remember;
Involve me, I understand.

~ Ancient Chinese Proverb

A Message from Coach Chic:

I can’t thank you enough for visiting my Hockey Tips and Tricks website.  You see, I love making new hockey friends.  Yes, hockey folks — from players to parents to coaches — are my very favorite people on this planet.  Also, since this might be the first time we’ve ever met, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some information that few in amateur hockey (or even in the professional ranks) seem to know.

Just This Information Could Put You Far Ahead of Others:

Actually, I recently explained this concept to the parents of a very young team I’m now coaching, letting them know that humans learn best by experiencing new information through as many senses as possible.

The reason this point was raised is because I’ve been taking their youngsters through a series of practices that included all sorts of exposure to the same information:

  • the kids got to see and hear our new plays on video
  • they interacted with me in numerous Q and A sessions
  • the kids watched me move little men around on a model rink
  • they later got to move the pieces themselves (interacting again with the info)
  • several times we rehearsed the strategies outdoors in the rink parking lot
  • And more recently we’ve rehearsed some more at our on-ice practices

Actually, the learning — and my kids’ experiencing of that information through numerous senses — won’t end there.  For, over the coming weeks and months, each part of our game-play will be addressed in slightly different drills, the kids will receive constant feedback from us coaches — during practices and games, I’ll often use a greaseboard at rink-side or in the lockerroom, and I’ll even try to gather some video of their early games so that the kids might be able to see themselves in action.  (By the way, understand that rotating various teaching tools — like my Model Rink and a greaseboard — also helps the learning process.)

Ironically, I recently ran across the following on a website called Whispering Energy:

“Department of Labor statistics actually have shown that 5 days after a tele-seminar people retain 10% of what they learned. The statistics show that 5 days after a webinar people retain 62% of what they learned by combining visual and auditory learning.”

In case you’re not familiar with those two formats, tele-seminars basically have participants listening-in from their telephones, while the webinar combines both audio and on-line video instruction.  And, as you can see, there is a considerable different when just one more sense is called into play.

Yet another point…  Each human has his or her own learning preference, meaning that some will get more out of seeing new information, others prefer to hear it, some feel the need to be involved (as in interacting), and many of us do better when certain senses are combined in the learning process.

Perhaps now you can appreciate that Chinese proverb shown above.  For sure, we tend to soon forget verbal instructions that are hastily thrown our way.  And we remember a little better if we’re shown the way.  Yet, imagine how wise some long ago philosopher had to be to realize that true understanding only comes with total involvement in the material.  (I actually have posters displaying that saying hanging over my home and office desks, as well as in my studio.  These act as reminders when I’m developing programs — for my students, my players and YOU.)

Okay, so why am I introducing this site in this way?  It’s because every product I produce is designed to excite a hockey player’s, parent’s or coach’s senses.

My favorite presentations happen to be video-based, so the digital STORE will ultimately have a huge library of downloadable movies for you to browse.

Believe it or not, some of my old (hardcopy) training manuals were purchased by NHL and AHL organizations, as well as by teams in Europe.  So I’m working hard to convert those to digital books for you to be able to download in an instant.

Then, there is certain information that’s better for a hockey player or coach to listen to (over and over and over again).  So I’m also working on some awesome downloadable audio programs to help you with the game.

Would You Like to Get Fast RESULTS?

With the Least Effort?

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That’s what you’ll find in the Digital Download Store!

As for the above claims — that you can gain fast results with a minimum of effort and at a huge savings…  Imagine that I had to long ago charge a great deal to mail hockey training manuals and VHS video-tapes.  This IS a new age, however.  And, thanks to today’s technology, I can almost give away great hockey training information, while you can acquire it in a matter of seconds (and get to use it almost immediately)!

Now, my list of offerings will appear slowly — because I take great pains with anything I do.

At the same time, YOU can influence my future undertakings, by simply leaving a Comment or request down below.  In other words, tell me what you need, and I’ll create a special program just for you!

Again, my sincere thanks to you for stopping by.  I also urge you to join my mailing list so that you might be notified each time a new offering is released.  (I also have a free gift for you, just for signing-up!)

Yours in hockey,

Dennis Chighisola
“Coach Chic”


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